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CIS helps you to connect with the right audience and add all your connections in one app based on the classification of account types.

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No Scheduled Messaging

Have you ever worried to send the message at some particular time?

No Account Types

Adding all your connections on the basis of same classification

No Private Chats

Need some private conversations?


Account Types

Account selection gives to classify the people and add people in your respective accounts. You can connect to the right audience and switch to the accounts easily.

Scheduled Messaging

Schedule chat allows you to adjust the time and date at which you want to send the message. Convey birthday wishes to your loved ones at the right time.

Private Chat

Private chat which comes from left swipe in messenger allows to send self-destructive messages by adjusting the deletion time.


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Connect-in-single app is a social platform which allows you to add all the connections in one app and add them to the following accounts they belong - Public, Family, Friends and Work. Making more easy to access the social platform and helping people in making right connections. Are you the one who needs new features each and every time?

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